Low fees structure  Pay in installments 100% admission/visa 100’s Of Indian Students are studying  Separate hostel for boys& girls  Telugu Food Available English Medium Studies.

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A: Currently we are representing in Philippines Perpetual University, Lyceum Northwestern University, and Davao Medical University and we are also representing Universities in Europe, Russia, China, Ukraine, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Georgia, South America, Central America, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Singapore and etc…...

A: It’s a English Speaking Country, English is a Medium of Instruction, Asian country with close proximity to India, Easy accessibility with several daily flights, Tropical climatic with disease pattern similar to India, Syllabus and curriculum same as in India, Affordable cost of education, Excellent hands on practice, Ideal student - patient ratio

A: Very easy, you just have to provide the necessary documents of the students for the evaluation of the university. After that the university will release Admission Letter/ LPA to the Student.

A:12th grade or equivalent qualification with minimum 60% in physics, chemistry and biology subjects and pass in English, if the student belongs to a reserved category, 40% of marks in physics, chemistry and biology is sufficient.

A: Usually Admission process starts for September Intake in June/July .For February Intake admissions in November/December. For June Intake March/April. Every year there will be three intakes.

A: Doctor of Medicine

A: Approximately 5 years and 6 months followed by one year internship

A: MBBS and MD are both primary medical qualifications. The degrees are equal (See ECFMG list of degrees recognized from different countries). MBBS is British System of Education whereas MD is American System of Education.

A: Yes Education loans are available from all nationalized banks. The student has to apply directly to the bank at the place of permanent residence. Our Indian office will assist the student in getting the education loan by providing all necessary documents required from the University.

A: If you are eligible you will surely get admission in case if any hassle our Indian Office will assist you in re-applying for admission without any cost

A: So far we don’t have any visa refusals, in case any hassles in the visa our Indian Office will assist you in re-applying for visa

A: Special arrangements are made for spoken English training and students from vernacular medium of instructions will also be able to cope in the Philippines.

A: We have people who are in charge with this matter sir/mam that will assist the student during his arrival to his hostel and till the student is admitted to the university.

A: Yes, hostel/accommodation facilities are available separately for both boys and girls. You also have the option of taking the accommodation outside of the University

A: Yes, exclusive and separate hostel facilities have been customized for Indian students with Indian cuisine with Indian chef’s all south India north India food is available.

A: Including a food and accommodation per month is Rs 11,500/- In sharing

A: Yes, students have to appear for NMAT exams before enrolling for the MD program.

A: Yes, the curriculum for the fourth year involves compulsory clinical rotations which allow students for hands on practice in hospitals with 3000 beds strength.

A: Yes, Graduates are eligible for appearing in USMLE

A: We will help the student for applying and producing the Eligibility Certificate from Medical Council of India

A: Yes. After completion of screening test and procuring the Provisional Registration of MCI.

A: Yes, after successful completion of Screening Test and Internship, the student is eligible to register with MCI and State Medical Council and can practice in India.

A: A student can appear any number of times for the screening test. However, generally students who pass the MD degree of an American System of Education are expected to clear this exam in the first attempt.

A: Yes, upon registration with MCI/ State Councils, the student is eligible for any Government job in India.

A: Any Indian citizen who has attained the age of 17 years and has passed 10+2 Level from any recognized Council/Board of India or abroad. She/he must have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology as elective subjects and obtained minimum 50% in aggregate of PCB combined. Also must have studies and passed English as a compulsory subject job in India.

A: If one satisfies the requirement then he/she can apply in prescribed format to MCI. MCI on due appraisal at their end shall issue necessary certificate according the rules of MCI. We shall assist in this.

A:Yes, subject to the prerequisites submitted by the candidate to MCI.

A: Yes, you can practice in India. In order to practice as a medical practitioner you have to register yourself with the State or Indian Medical Council. For this you have to appear for a screening test. On clearing the screening test you are eligible for registration as a doctor and allowed to practice on par with all other doctors.

A:Yes, after clearing the screening test & getting your registration with the State or Central Council you are eligible for any government appointment.

A: Normally a student who passes MBBS from a WHO recognized college is expected to clear the test. One can also take coaching towards preparation for the same.

A: The Medical Council of India stipulates that all students studying MBBS programmer from Medical Colleges outside India and wanting to practice in India after completion of their program me, need to appear for a "Screening Test".

A: The vegetables available there are very similar to what we get here. All the popular vegetables like Potato, Brinjal, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Beans, Carrots, and Cucumber etc are available. Similarly Egg, Fish, Chicken, Mutton are also abundant. Indian style Rotis are available in special restaurants but Loaf Bread, Cookies, Pastries, Ice Cream, Canned Juices are available in plenty in all the college canteens & dining halls.

A: There are two vacations. Winter and summer. The winter vacation is around the last week of December and is normally for 10-15 days. I suggest you enjoy there in that country during this period. The summer vacation is normally for 5-8 weeks and around July/August/September depends upon the University and you can easily visit your home during this period. That is also the end of term. However the travel by air takes totally about 8-10 hrs from anywhere in India with some intermittent time for flight changeover.

A:Yes there are many students studying there. Apart from Indian students there are lots of students from other countries as well.

A:As per RBI regulation an Indian student pursuing education abroad can obtain Bank Loan unto 30 Lacks INR. Since the cost of the entire program is well within this amount the entire program can be funded from Bank Loan

A: In all European Countries, Russia and China the Duration is 6 years including practical Training. In USA - Central America-Belize -St. Lucia the duration of the course is Premed for 2 years, 2 years for non clinics, 2 years clinical rotations and 3 years Residency in USA, if you want to practice in USA.

A: The climate is little bit cold when compare to India.

A: All countries where students go are safe. There is good law, order and security in place. That is why International Students go there. There is a large contingent of students from India and many other countries. Students have a comfortable and pleasant stay. There are senior students who will assist in time of need. A representative for students from India is there, who you can go to if needed.

A:Some Universities of Europe, Russia and USA are recognized by MCI but the students have to clear his screening test in India to practice in India.

A: The medium of Instruction is in ENGLISH. However local Language class is included for the First 2 years. This is to make the students stay comfortable by enabling him to communicate with the locals and more with patients.

A:You can do it at the college in that country itself. They will also allow you to do it in your homeland. The Hospital must be recognized by the Government and on due certification the college shall confer the final MBBS degree. And the permission of MCI.

A: It depends on the University and Country, Please refer to the Fee Structure of the particular institution.

A:Students live in a University hostel. There are rooms with either two or three beds, a common bathroom or common kitchen. Each room comes with beds, tables and cupboards. Hostels are within the University campus or a 5-10 minute ride. There are internet facilities in shops near the hostel, food stores, restaurants and other facilities are nearby.

Students live in a University hostel. There are rooms with either two or three beds, a common bathroom or common kitchen. Each room comes with beds, tables and cupboards. Hostels are within the University campus or a 5-10 minute ride. There are internet facilities in shops near the hostel, food stores, restaurants and other facilities are nearby.

A: Yes on successful completion of MBBS you may pursue PG courses there.

A: Yes we will assist for the visa application and process.

A:Yes. The medical treatment in Abroad is free of cost and the university covers the medical insurance for the students.

A: All payments will be calculated in US Dollars. However you may pay in INR if you pay in India. At Abroad your food and other miscellaneous expenditure has to be paid in their local currency.

A:It depends on the airlines which you opt to travel and approximately 25000-45000 rupees return ticket

A: No. There are no donations or capitation fees.

A: Yes. You can do your internship / training in India. However, you would have to arrange it yourself. The University can arrange internship for you in study country only. Most students do their internship at the various affiliated hospitals of the University.

A: No. MBBS from Philippines / Georgia / China / Russia / Ukraine / Nepal / Bangladesh / Malaysia / South America / Kazakhstan / Kyrgyzstan / Singapore / Central America / are much cheaper compared to studying MBBS at private universities in India.

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