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About Georgia

Georgia is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, it is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan. The capital and largest city of Georgia is Tbilisi. Georgia covers a territory of 69,700 square kilometers (26,911 sq mi), and its population is almost 5 million (50 Lakhs). Georgia is a unitary, semi-presidential republic, with the government elected through a representative democracy. Students who look to study MBBS in Europe consider MBBS in Georgia as one of their main options. Read more about Georgia at Wikipedia.

Medical colleges and universities in Georgia work towards their international recognition and accreditation. Hence, there are many MCI approved and WHO recognized medical schools in Georgia. This is one of the reasons why students choose to study MBBS in Georgia over many other European countries such as Russia & Ukraine. Following are the other main benefits of studying MBBS in Georgia.

Apart from being a beautiful country, Georgia provides various benefits to International students. Students from India and other countries come to Georgia to take medical education. These are some of the reasons why students prefer to study medical in Georgia.

Studying MBBS in Europe and finally settling there is a dream for every student. MBBS fees in Georgia are comparatively low and the quality of education in Georgia is very high. That is why Georgia is becoming one of the famous destinations for taking medical education in Europe. Many Indian students have started going to Georgia after 2011. This mainly happened due to the tension between Ukraine and Russia. Hence, studying MBBS in Georgia is preferred by Students over other countries.

High-Quality Education

Universities in Georgia offer significantly better education as compared to private medical schools in India. The focus is put on to inherit practical skills in the student. The students also get access to the latest & modern medical equipment. The good universities in Georgia follow the quality guidelines of the World Health Organization. Hence, studying from a top-rated MBBS University in Georgia ensures success in the medical career or the students.

Lower Cost Than India & Other Countries

Studying MBBS in Georgia is a much cheaper option as compared to the Indian private medical schools. Indian medical schools also lack the practical experience. Hence, there is no point in paying huge donations to Indian medical schools. The overall fees vary across universities since some universities like European University offer a 5-year degree while the rest of them offer a 6-year degree.

Cost of living in Georgia is quite easy on pockets. The average food and living expenses are just around $250 per month i.e. Rs. 16000. Also, there is no donation to take admission in MBBS University in Georgia. So, Indian students can get best and cheap MBBS education from best universities in Georgia.

Safe and secure Country

Georgia is an extremely safe and female dominating country. There is no crime and MBBS students from India can travel in buses, trains or cabs without worries. The majority of the population of Georgia practice Christianity and are God loving. Georgian people are also very welcoming and accept religious and cultural diversities.

Akaki Tsereteli State University

Kutaisi Akaki Tsereteli State University was actually formed on the basis of Tbilisi State University. In 1918 under the direction of the great son of the Georgian nation Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University was founded. In July, 1930 the government abolished the Tbilisi State University and on its basis four independent higher education institutions were created. One of them was State Pedagogical Institute, which starting from that period to 1933 was functioning in Tbilisi.

In 1990 the higher education institution was transformed to Kutaisi Akaki Tsereteli State University, which was the logical conclusion of the great accomplishments done successfully by this institution during almost six decades of its existence.

The Kutaisi N. Muskhelishvili Polytechnic Institute was officially given the status on September 23, 1973 and the opening ceremony was held on September 1, 1974.

The establishment of the new institute in Kutaisi was preceded by many years of preparatory period. In 1946 study and consulting point of Georgian Polytechnic Institute was opened in Kutaisi, which in 1953 was transformed to evening and correspondence learning faculty. In 1968 the internal department was added and the institute became Kutaisi Faculty of the Georgian Polytechnic Institute

In 1974 on the basis of the Kutaisi Faculty a Polytechnic Institute was opened, which was granted the name of the academician Niko Muskhelishvili in 1977..

The priority majors of the higher education institution are considered: Light, Textile and Food Industry Engineering. The first departments opened were: Philosophy, Higher Mathematics, Graphics Engineering and Drawing Geometry, Physics and Applied Technical Mechanics. Gradually the number of the departments increased and Electric Technology and Textile Industry, Food Technology and Economics Departments were added. The learning and material-technical basis and light industry laboratories were expanded and improved. The transportation, engineering mechanics and electric technology faculties were opened

On September 21, 1992 Kutaisi N. Muskhelishvili Polytechical Institute was granted the status of the university and was named Kutaisi Niko Muskhelishvili State Technical University.

As a result of preparation of employees, high level of scientific potential and the relationships with the scientific centers of highly developed countries the university gained the conventional recognition. The history of Akaki Tsereteli State University started seven decades ago and now it is the university distinguished with its traditions throughout Georgia and which holds an honorable place in the business of cultural, intellectual and moral education of Georgian nation. According to the Georgian government’s resolution #39 as of February 23, 2006 the legal entities of public law Kutiasi Akaki Tsereteli State University and Kutaisi N. Muskhelishvili State Technical University were united into one, the educational status being determined to be the university and was named Akaki Tsereteli State University.

Tbilisi State Medical University Georgia

Tbilisi State Medical University is a major factor of having more than eight decades of higher medical education in Georgia. The history of higher medical education in Georgia is coming to 100 years. And this is actually the history of development of medical university. Tbilisi State Medical University (1930-1992), Tbilisi State Medical University (1992- present) - one of the traditional and powerful high schools of Tbilisi State Medical University - development stages of Tbilisi State University (1918-1930)

Today Tbilisi State Medical University is the most demanded higher medical school in Georgia, where more than 7000 students, graduate and doctoral students from university education, more than 2000 students from 53 countries, and more than 1000 diploma in diploma and diploma .

Tbilisi State Medical University is aware of its role and responsibility in establishing knowledge based and open, democratic society and ensuring health care for the population. Study, research and medical / pharmaceutical activities at Tbilisi State Medical University are inseparable.

==> Academic degree of knowledge and research
==> Democracy
==> Elective and transparency of management bodies
==> Academic freedom of professors and students
==> Creating conditions for the development of professors and students

Successful progress of diplomatic, post-graduate and continuing professional education, master and doctoral programs, higher vocational education programs makes it attractive to the university not just for Georgia but for young people from more than four dozen countries. Competitive, international level academic medical, dental, public health, physical medicine and rehabilitation, nursing, borrowing and pharmaceutical as well as vocational education develops in the direction of sectoral academic knowledge, clinical thinking, professional ethics values, practical and communication skills

The main guidelines of the Tbilisi State Medical University's work are fully compatible with the approaches of the European educational system. Moreover, the TSMU is partly involved in developing these principles. He is a full member of the European educational space, which means its active role in the functioning of this educational system, determining the development directions and realizing them, establishing free and close scientific and teaching contacts with foreign curriculum, scientific and clinical centers.

Realization of successful and successful standards and approaches to medical education not only provides support for the development of traditional educational programs at the Medical University; Relations with our foreign partners, our long-term academic experience and the challenging task of distinguishing modern challenges to medical service will push us to take bold, creative steps. Medical education in countries involved in the Bologna process , taking into account its specificity, is regulated since 2004 by the European Commission-funded international project Medine

(Medical Education in Europe). Medine2 is the second stage of this project and its goal is to prepare the methodology for active and effective involvement of research components in diploma pre-school education guidelines, framework-curriculum and academic process for higher medical institutions participating in the Bologna Process. We are representatives of Tbilisi State Medical University together with Medine2 member and European Medical University higher education institutes. It is noteworthy that only in the Medine project from the non-EU countries, only our university and two higher education institutions of Turkey are involved.

More than 40 of the one-year medical education, bachelor's, postgraduate, doctoral and vocational education program at Tbilisi State Medical University is functioning with four international partners:
==> American Program of Diploma Medicine
==> Emory (Atlanta, USA) with the University
==> Public Health and Management Bachelor Program
==> UniMan Management and Executive Academy (France) together
==> After completion of the program two Georgian and French diplomas will be awarded
==> Georgian-Austrian educational program of Bachelor's Nursing Bachelor
==> TILAC (Tailor's Association of Hospitals) and West Educational Center (AZW)
==> English Language Master Program for Public Health Management and Health Policy
==> UniMan Management and Enforcement AcademyTogether with France (France)
==> The graduates of the program will be awarded two graduate degrees from Georgia and France.

The Tbilisi State Medical University has signed a bilateral cooperation agreement with 81 leading universities in 30 countries, university clinics and research centers, which are successfully implemented for students, residents, doctors and teachers exchange programs.

In 2013, Tbilisi State Medical University achieved great success in the EU Educational Program ERASMUS MUNDUS : The MEDEA (MEDIC universities Alliance) consortium of Western and Eastern European universities has been funded by Tbilisi State University of Mindanao and is the regional coordinator of this project.

In 2015, Tbilisi State Medical University, together with 9 European and Turkish universities, has filed a bid for the EU Educational Programs ERASMUS + (Ex-ERASMUS MUNDUS) and "Capacity Building" (ex-Tempus)

The medical university is involved in the exchange programs of Erasmus Mundus ALRAKIS , which is oriented on active involvement of university students, academic and administrative personnel.

MeVLANA has been working for the third consecutive year, which envisages mobility, master's, doctoral level students, academic and administrative personnel in Turkey and other Asian countries.

Each member of our university society - academic personnel, administration, students, graduates - have and have the opportunity to contribute to professional improvement and development of Tbilisi State Medical University.

If your choice of Tbilisi State Medical University academic field member, I can assure you that this decision successful realization of today, tomorrow and always with his knowledge and authority on your side and the Tbilisi State Medical University academic staff, your senior colleagues, university clinics and doctors, kW Eviti institutions scientists and students.

New Vision Medical University

New Vision Medical University Founded in 2013, New Vision University is a higher education institution located in the large city of Tbilisi (population range of 1,000,000-5,000,000 inhabitants). Officially accredited/recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science, Georgia, New Vision University (NVU) is a coeducational higher education institution. New Vision University (NVU) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees, master degrees, doctorate degrees in several areas of study. NVU also provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students including a library, as well as administrative services.

As stated on their official website, the New Vision Medical University or NVU aims at developing competent, gentle and confident students with the help of a teaching method which focuses on outcome, so that the doctors who are created maintain high-quality standards and are able to handle all aspects of their profession. The standard of teaching at this university has been created as per the guidelines of the World Federation of Medical Education. The university promotes the free development of individuals upholding standards of integrity in academics, encouraging research and facilitating novelty every day.

The NVU Medical University has only one course on offer – a 5 year long course providing the degree of Medical Doctor (MD). As a part of their course, students will get to learn through interactive lectures, workshops, seminars, seminars, bedside teaching, playing patient’s or doctor’s roles, use of relevant software at laboratories, presentations, laboratory teaching, taking part in research and night calls too.

East European University

European University, formerly known as European Teaching University (ETU) is one of the most preferred university to study MBBS in Georgia. It was was founded in 1995. The university is focused on training using the European model, competitive to grow up students according to international demands.

European University is approved by the Medical Council of India for Indian students to study MBBS in Georgia. It is also listed by WHO and FAIMER in the world directory of medical schools. After completion of course, students can work anywhere in Europe. Students can also practice in India after taking MCI Screening Test. Hence, the university opens all soft of career options to the students.

European Teaching University is staffed by qualified and experienced teachers as well as invited specialists who got educated in the leading universities of Europe. This contributes to the international experience and high-quality, innovation-based learning in ETU. The university is equipped with the modern technological base and a diverse library with a collection of both paper and e-books. Classrooms of European University are equipped with projectors, display systems and the essential equipment for appropriate programs, which provides all the necessities for quality education. European University also employs Learning Management System for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or training programs

Many international students are studying at the European University campus, including the students from India. The university takes services of a specialized agency, which helps international students with shelter, food and security.


Akaki Tsereteli State University

Vision University

East European University

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