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First known societies that inhibited the territory of Ukraine , dated 3rd century B. C. , had developed agriculture. First state unions were established in 1st century B. C. Tribal unions of slaves of forest-steppe area started to cultivate lands in Dniper river bed, one of the longest rivers of Eastern Europe , in the 1st century A.D.

Ukraine Higher Education

You become a student of a university according to the Invitation letter. The academic year beginning between the 1st of September until February and consists of two semesters. All the students go on holidays between two terms: the first semester (September - January) the second one (February - June). Summer holidays last for three months on average.

At the end of each semester the student takes 3 or 5 examinations and 3 or 5 tests. Successful passing of examinations and tests guarantees the possibility of getting to the second term. Students

Advantages of studying at Ukraine

Quality Education. Globally Recognized Courses (WHO, UNESCO, EUROPEAN COUNCIL). Worldwide Acceptance of Ukrainian Method of Teaching. English Medium of Instruction. Emphasis on Practical Aspects in Teaching. .Moderate Climate around the year. .Outstanding International Faculty.

4 Of The Best Medical Schools Ukraine

Kharkiv National Medical University The Degree (MBBS, BDS, MD, MDS, MS, NURSING) of the Kharkov National Medical University (KNMU) is prestigious and it is recognized in many countries of the world. Among former graduates of the University there are ministers and members of parliaments in various countries, outstanding scientists and famous specialists who founded their own clinics abroad.

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University is one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe. It was founded in November 1804, on the initiative of the prominent educator V.N. Karazin and in accordance with the charter of Tsar Alexander I.

The opening ceremony was held on January 29, 1805. The University made an important contribution to the Ukrainian national renaissance of the XIX-XXth centuries. It gave a powerful impetus to the emergence of Kharkiv as a major scientific and cultural center and an academic hub of Ukraine. Today the University justly rates among the best Ukrainian classical universities and is known in many countries.

The history of Kharkiv National University is part and parcel of the intellectual, cultural and spiritual history of Ukraine. The names of many world famous researchers, scholars and educators are associated with Kharkiv University, among them are P. Hulak-Artemovskyi, O. Lyapunov, M. Kostomarov, M. Barabashov, M. Becton, D. Bahaliy, A. Krasnov, M. Ostrohradskyi, V. Steklov, O. Potebnya, O. Pohorelov and many others.

Kharkiv University is the only university in Ukraine that has trained and employed three Nobel Prize laureates: the biologist I. Mechnikov, the economist S. Kuznets, and the physicist L. Landau.

At different times titles of Kharkiv University Honorary Members and Doctors were conferred on outstanding scholars and public figures of many countries, including J.W. Goethe and A. Humboldt, I. Franko and L. Tolstoy, P. Semenov-Tyanshanskiy, and other

Kiev medical university

Ukraine is very popular for its medical Universities. There are many world class medical universities in this country. There is very healthy competition among the medical university in Ukraine. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, which is also very secure place for the students to study. The cost of living in Ukraine is also very much affordable.

The Kiev medical university is the first private university in Ukraine, which was founded in the year 1992. KMU-Kiev is also among the top medical university which provides graduates and postgraduate courses at very cheap cost. The duration for the graduate course is six years. In the early year the basic knowledge is taught to the students.

The course fee for the post graduation is depends upon the course selected by the students. Some of the featured courses provided by the Kiev medical university for are Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Internal diseases, Urology, Microbiology, Toxicology, Radiology, Oncology, Pulmonary Medicine, Dermatology and Venereology etc.

The lecturers at Kiev medical university are excellent professional in their respective subjects. Also the certificate provided by this university is well received in major countries of the world. The Kiev medical University has very good library for the students. Beside this the Kiev medical university also facilitates scholarship to the student every year.

The life in Kiev does not have much different than other part in the world. So the focus of the international student is to study and staying healthy. Thousands of students have graduated from this university every year. Therefore thousands of medical students across the globe come here to study medicine in Kiev medical university.

Sumy State University

Sumy State University is located in Sumy city in the North-East of Ukraine. Its history began in 1948. Today, SSU is a leading university of a classical type with the III-IV accreditation level in the region.

The University currently serves more than 16,000 students who are pursuing pre bachelor, bachelor, specialist and master degrees in 45 majors and 21fields of knowledge according to the list of majors 2015. About 1300 foreign students represent more than 50 countries worldwide.

Sumy State University is included in Global Research University Profiles (GRUP) by Shanghai Ranking taking position 500+. SSU is also included in the directory of world’s best universities by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Sumy State University enters the TOP-group (3 %) of leading universities of the world and is classified as university with high research intensity according to the international ranking of higher education institutions QS World University Rankings. SSU is in the TOP-100 according to the QS University Rankings: EECA among the universities of this region. According to the rankings SSU enters the TOP-5 Ukrainian universities.

According to the worldwide Internet rankings Webometrics and uniRank University Ranking, SSU takes the 3rdand 2nd places respectively among Ukrainian universities. It also takes the high positions in the European ranking U-Multi rank that identifies most indicators of academic, extracurricular, international and other activity of SSU as being higher than the world average value.

Sumy State University is the first Ukrainian higher education institution, which has passed in 2014 an independent external audit of the QS Company and was given the highest points (5 stars) in such categories as Teaching, Engagement, Access, and E-learning.

According to the results of Round University Ranking, completed by one of the largest information and analytical companies in the world Thomson Reuters, Sumy State University takes the 671st position among the world's universities and the 4th position among Ukrainian universities.


V.N Karazin Kharkiv National University

Kharkiv National Medical University

Kiev Medical University

Sumy State Medical University

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